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Odoo allows to merge two contacts in one landing contact, be careful because all the info and documents will also be merged.

  1. Contacts > Customers/Suppliers and select the List View
  2. Select the contacts that you want to merge and click the Action button then choose the option Merge Contacts
  3. Choose the Landing Contact, meaning, give a name to the merged contacts and click in Merge

Follow the next steps

  1. Get in the programmer mode
    1. Get in Configurations
    2. In the right corner and select Activate the programmer mode
  2. Float the cursor above the desired field and the info will appear

If you checked that the client gets revues after the validation without you clicking that option, this is because the send notifications to all followers option;

If the follower is internal it will get the Odoo notification, otherwise it will get an email;

To change this feature click HERE.

Can happen because of an extraction that is too big for excel format;

To avoid this you can opt by:

  • Reduce the quantity of data imported at once
  • Reduce the break between dates
  • Reduce the export accounts number

If the error still happens click HERE.

The item must be archived.  

You can check archived items through Filter > Archived 

After getting in the item file you can remove it from archive if you want.

Happens when you duplicate an item and change it's "name", when you change that field you are only changing the translated field of the name.

To change the origin name do: 

  1. Get in the desired item and click in Edit
  2. In the name field click the blue map and edit the field Original Terms and Translated Values

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