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Solution as a service, SLaaS, complete and flexible. It allows you to customize and manage your business processes in just a few clicks.  However, to manage a project with efficiently, improving permanently performance, knowledge and communication in the company.

Work in any

device, place and time

Accessible through the cloud, the opencloud system is available anywhere.

Scale your business by automating
processes and get all the information
updated and in real time!  

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Easy to customize

Adapt the solution Odoo by Opencloud in a few clicks! Get help from our expert team and have all the Odoo tools, quickly, easy and fun.  

We develop the Odoo to the needs of our customers, we create your website , we do formation and consulting of processes so that Odoo by Opencloud answer to 100% of your companies needs.  

With Opencloud expertise in Odoo, it was easy and fast redesign our business processes.  

João Lima, Sociedade de Rolamentos

Unique value proposition  

Increase employee productivity with a integrated application, easy to use.

Benefit from the community of Odoo users and developers in order to customize your business, without cost or productivity for your users. 

We replace 14 application and increased the revenue by 10% overnight.  

Marc Peeters, General Manager of the Vending Division

Grafico Odoo

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