Simple and Beautiful

Say goodbye to ugly, expensive, outdated Points of Sale system and take advantage of an interface designed for modern retailers.

Work with multiple clients

Active multiple tabs and dont let your customers waiting.

Search Quick

Analyze products, browse hierarchically categories or quickly get product information through fast filtering across all your items.


New orders and updates can be sent to kitchen or bar as soon as they are coded. The order instructions are automatically sent to the printer based on the item category.

Split the bills

Orders can be paid in separated payments or divided into new orders. Split orders can be paid immediately or kept for later.

An interface designed for productivity

Spend less time at the counter and be there for your customers

Easily split accounts
Manipulate multiple clients
Search products

Online or Offline

The Point of Sale application remains reliable even if your connection is lost.

The Point of Sale, restaurant and shop application does not require any installation. While an Internet connection is required to start the Point of Sale, it will remain operational even after full disconnection.

Compatible with any hardware

No installation and no specific hardware required

Desktop Computers
Industrial Machines

Everything your store and restaurant needs

The Point of Sale application is based on an intelligent interface that any retail company can use without difficulty.

An overview of your restaurant

With the management of divisions and tables

Point of Sale allows a quick view on the tables and orders.

The restaurant plan diz-lhe tells you exactly where your customers are, where the tables are free, who is still waiting for the meal and how much space is left.

 Customizable Plan

Supports multiple points of sale  

Integrated Inventory Management

Real time control and accurate forecasting for procurement management

The application Wharehouse  automatically inserts any Point of Sale transaction into the stock. Being able to see in real time the availability of products without loss of time.

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Keep in touch with your customers

Give your customers a positive experience by improving their services. Offer loyalty and rewards cards, get an overview of available tables, track sales and money  in real time, register customers to keep them informed.

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