Modern Interface



A simple way to easily group tasks at the right time.


Easily check your team's planning and rescheduling.


Keep track of the timelines and progress of your projects with a clear overview.


Keep a good overview of your workload and the status of individual tasks.

Forecasting needs and resources

Schedule your teams on projects, taking into account the holidays of your employees. Plan ahead, with predictions based on comparable projects, and stimulate deadlines more accurately. Compare forecasts with actual timesheets to increase profitability.


Enjoy the power of visual information

Simplifique os seus processos e melhore a colaboração dos funcionários. Divida o projeto em tarefas e atribua-os a sua equipa, com o objetivo de melhorar a colaboração. Crie etapas personalizadas para cada projeto com o objetivo de simplificar a visão geral do fluxo de trabalho e aumentar a eficiência do projeto.


Discuss tasks and share documents

Add quick notes or attach files to any task by staying connected to your team. Communicate through the chat and write us an email - all within a single interface!

Organize the project scope within 

an easy-to-read overview 

graphic and dynamic view for each task

Create graph visualizations to analyze your data using a powerful search tool, filtering and grouping functions, a variety of unique visual interfaces to help you keep track of your projects at any level. 

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Turn sales and purchase orders into invoices and track them through your payment.



Automate RFQs and POs based on stock orders or minimum sales and track incoming shipments.



Turn quotes into professional looking invoices in one click.

Mass Mailing

Mass Mailing

Send the right message, to your leads, opportunities, and customers.

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