Mission, team and services at your disposal

Opencloud Software develops cloud software, solutions to help companies computerize and improve day by day the management and operations processes. Young and experienced team, innovative and with great dynamism.    

We provide solutions based in Odoo applications. We already have several successful implementations in commercial, industrial and service SME's, as well as in several vertical markets, such as: Medical Clinics at Work, Business Incubation Technological Centers, hotel management, logistics and management warehouse, vending, among others. We have implemented several integrations with specialized companies where we highlight the integration with Webshop Prestashop, management of Multibank Ifthen, Amazon and Ebay! We are present in Portugal, Angola and Brazil.



We Design Processes

Every exposed need will have the most adapted, available and innovative solution, in order to create a dynamic creation of a added value.

We Create Websites

We develop websites according to the needs and target audience of our clients. 

Measure 2 Manage

Measure our efficiency to manage the services  we provide to our clients managing the projects as a whole harmonious.

We Develop At Measure

Estudamos as suas necessidades, para de seguida, procurar soluções Open Source que permitam realizar os fundamentos do vosso projecto.

We Implement Software

We have this experience in various types of business and branches of activity and we will put it to the service of each project to parameterize.

Trainning for Clients

We put at your disposal our know-how in Audit and Optimization of Information Systems. 
Our main goal is to create the most efficient management solution in information system industry market. We propose a software solution as an efficient and dynamic service (SaaS), highlighting the consulting, training, parameterization and support services we provide.    
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